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五觀堂﹕  齋堂 (Dining Room)


哪五觀?     What are the five contemplations?


In Buddhism, we emphasize on inner contemplation rather than outwardly pursuit. Wishing to cultivate in all aspects of the daily life, and not to be away from the cultivation even for a moment. Therefore, while eating, the cultivator should have the following three recollections and five contemplations:

三念﹕                    Three Recollections:

初匙﹕願斷一切惡          First spoon:   I vow to cut off all evil.

二匙﹕願修一切善          Second spoon:   I vow to cultivate all good.

三匙﹕誓度一切眾生        Third spoon:   I vow to save all living beings


五觀﹕   Five Contemplations:

    1. 計功多少,量彼來處

    2. 忖己德行,全缺應供

    3. 防心離過,貪等為宗

    4. 正事良藥,為療形枯

    5. 為成道業,應受此食


    1. Consider the amount of work involved to bring the food to where it is eaten.

    2.  Consider whether or not one’s virtuous conduct is sufficient to enable one to accept the offering.

    3.  Guard the mind from transgression, of which greed is the principle cause.

    4.  Properly taken, the food is like medicine, to keep the body from wasting away.

    5. This food is accepted only in order to accomplish the Way.

While completing the meal, the following verse was sung:

Those who practice giving (making offering) are sure to be rewarded.

Those who take delight in giving, will surely find peace and happiness.

Now that the meal is concluded, we make a vow for all living beings,

May they find success in all they do, and be in accordance with all Buddhadharmas.








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